Shipping & Returns

We usually ship via UPS. If an item is in stock it will usually take 4 to 6 business days to get to you. If them is out of stock we will notify you within 24 hours.

Before you can return an item you must contact us, 1800-326-0577, or send a request to We do not offer a refund on some items. Please read our policy before making a purchase.
We do not offer a refund or exchange on piano silent systems. We do not offer a refund on any piano bench that is over $500 in price.
You must receive a Return Authorization before returning an item. We organize the return ourselves. Please do not ship items back without our authorization. We offer exchange if the item is defective at no extra cost to the customer. That's if we identify that the damage has been our fault, UPS or the factory. In cases where you are not happy of the color or any other reason we offer exchange within 7 days after the date which you have received the item. In this case, we will charge freight one way to exchange the item. In the case of full refund due to any reason, within 7 days we offer full refund less freight to send the item back and freight that we incurred to send the item to you and 20% restocking fee. The 20% restocking fee will cover our fees of credit card charges, re-boxing the item and inspecting it or clearing for resale. Drop ship fees in case of return are none refundable. We can fax or email the return UPS label once you have received your RA. We have the right to ask for pictures of the damaged product.

Canada vs US: if you are in Canada, we will ship your item from our warehouse in Vancouver, BC. If you are in United States, we will ship your item from our warehouse in Blaine, Washington (if the item is in stock there, otherwise it will leave from Vancouver, but we'll take care of the duty if any).

Contact sales at 1800-326-0577 to discuss further discounts for volume dealers.


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