Do You Need a Piano Bench? – The Importance of Proper Seating

In this article, we will discuss whether you need a piano bench or not, and explain how important proper seating is for piano playing.

1. The Role of a Piano Bench

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A piano bench is a specialized bench designed for piano performance, and it plays a crucial role in enhancing your piano experience.


Unlike sitting in a regular chair, there is a lot of body movement during piano performance. If the bench wobbles or rattles, it can’t support your body properly and directly affects your performance.

A good piano bench provides a stable and comfortable seat for the pianist, which is crucial for maintaining proper posture.

Maintaining good posture while playing the piano can help you feel less tired during extended practice or performance sessions.

Incorrect posture during piano playing can lead to physical symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, and stiff shoulders. If you experience any of these symptoms, it may be because you’ve been sitting improperly.

-Adjustable Height

The ability to adjust the bench’s height is another valuable feature of a piano bench. While fixed-height benches are suitable if you don’t require this option, choosing an adjustable piano bench provides greater versatility in terms of customization.

The correct height of your piano bench ensures that your arms and hands are positioned correctly relative to the keyboard.

If multiple members of your family play the piano, it’s highly advisable to invest in an adjustable bench. This allows each individual to set the bench at a level that suits their specific height.

2. Good Posture is Key

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A piano is a musical instrument that produces sound when the pianist depresses the keys on its keyboard. When a key is pressed, an internal hammer strikes the strings, creating the sound.

Consequently, the force you apply to your fingers directly influences the volume and intensity of the piano’s sound.

If you’re a pianist, particularly with acoustic pianos, you’re familiar with the amount of pressure required to press the keys. It’s crucial to maintain proper posture in order to effectively apply this force to your fingers.

If you persist in playing the piano with incorrect posture, it could not only impede the improvement of your skills but also potentially result in physical discomfort.

For the sake of your own health and to ensure comfortable piano playing, it is advised that you acquire a suitable piano bench that facilitates maintaining proper posture during performances.

3. Using a Regular Chair for Piano Playing

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We’ve mentioned multiple benefits of using a piano bench for your piano playing, but some individuals may still prefer using a regular chair. Therefore, in this chapter, we would like to highlight considerations when using a regular chair for piano playing.

-Avoid using a chair equipped with casters.

A chair with casters lacks stability and easily moves around, which makes it hard for you to maintain a proper posture while playing the piano.

-Use a cushion to adjust the height

Using a cushion allows for height adjustment of the chair. This is effective when the chair is too low and requires additional height. However, if the chair is already too high, adjusting the height may become challenging. In that case, it’s advisable to get a new one that you can adjust the height of.

-Ensure the chair is stable and doesn’t wobble.

The wobbly chair can’t properly support your body. If it lacks stability, check if there are screws or bolts on the legs of the chair. They may have come loose. Tightening them with a tool may help fix the wobble.

4. Choosing the Right Piano Bench

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Proper seating necessitates a suitable piano bench. Selecting the right piano bench is crucial for elevating your piano experience. Benchworld presents an outstanding selection of high-quality piano benches.

Here are the characteristics of the piano bench varieties we offer. Our piano benches are broadly categorized into three types: Adjustable, Pneumatic/Hydraulic, and Fixed Height.

Adjustable Piano Benches:

These benches provide flexibility for pianists of different heights and preferences, promoting proper posture. They are ideal for students, teachers, and performers who need to adapt the bench to their playing needs.

Pneumatic / Hydraulic Piano Benches:

These benches use a gas lift mechanism for effortless height adjustments. Professional pianists and individuals seeking the utmost convenience often prefer them.

Fixed Height Piano Benches:

These benches have a non-adjustable height and a great choice for pianists who do not require height adjustments. Most of them come with a storage compartment where you can keep your sheet music, books, or musical scores. Fixed height piano benches are generally more budget-friendly than their adjustable counterparts.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has been helpful for those pondering whether a piano bench is essential for playing the piano.

Having a piano bench is crucial for improving your performance and skills. If you haven’t already, it might be a wise decision to consider getting one for yourself.

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