PIPPA - Exclusive Piano Industry Trade Show 2025 - Benchworld

What is PIPPA?

The Only Trade Show Exclusively for Pianos

PIPPA’s objective is to create a robust structure that fosters growth across all sectors of the piano industry. They facilitate the expansion of piano professionals, stores, manufacturers, and suppliers through diverse platforms aimed at cultivating fruitful partnerships, thus contributing to the advancement of the piano industry.

PIPPA holds the belief that the piano, with its versatility and charm, serves as the cornerstone and pinnacle of the musical instruments trade.

January 28th-30th, 2025, in Las Vegas, NV

Esteemed piano retailers and stores specializing in pianos, accessories, and related items, such as Benchworld, Haillun, Piano Life Saver, and others, will showcase their offerings at the event.

Don’t miss the chance to visit the exhibit at PIPPA 2025, the 2nd annual trade show exclusively for pianos! Meet technicians, and dealers, and explore new products and best practices to grow your business.

Check out the event details regarding time, location, and ticket types here.

PIPPA – Exclusive Piano Industry Trade Show 2025 - Exhibitors

Explore innovative piano products up close. Engage with piano manufacturers and dealers worldwide to establish connections within the industry for collaboration and growth. Gain invaluable insights from leading experts who have extensive experience in the piano industry.

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