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NightOWL5 Upright Piano Silent System


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NightOWL5 – the authentic piano silent system.

NightOWL5 has been developed to meet the needs of piano users to play the piano confidently with silent performance.

The features and advantages of NightOWL5 are:

1. Elegant Steinway sound
2. Silent system not only for piano sound muting but also for hammer touch noise-free by mysterious Japanese mute cushion on the mute bar.
3. Pragmatism ‘signeadesign’ of the control box, and selected core functions essential for a silent system
4. Touchless high sensitive optical key sensors which enable the keys to be free from reflective stickers under the key.
5. Touchless high-sensitive optical pedal sensors
6. Simple and short installation time than the other silent system
7. Built-in Bluetooth Midi and USB Midi
8. Inclusive piano headphones PH-5, customized and tuned just for piano sound
9. Affordable price

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