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ROYAL PRO PIATTO SW – Wooden Music Stand


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ROYAL PRO PIATTO SW – Wooden Music Stand is made by Benchworld. The adjustable music stand boasts a height range of 45″-59″ and a desk width of 20″.


Its stunning satin walnut color adds an elegant touch, harmonizing with various instruments and settings. Additionally, the intricately carved desk features an adjustable wooden stem, adorned with F clef cutouts and a quarter note. The stability is enhanced by piatto-style legs, a unique touch compared to three-legged stands. Consequently, the design not only provides a sturdy foundation but also adds a distinctive aesthetic appeal. Crafted from robust solid birch, known for its strength, this music stand ensures durability. Furthermore, Benchworld guarantees defect-free delivery, providing added protection. With its meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful features, this music stand is not just a practical accessory but also a beautiful addition to any musical space.


– All Solid Wood Construction
– The Music Stand Has A Carved Desk With An Adjustable Wooden Stem
– Satin Walnut Color, Hand Crafted And Hand Finished
– Easily Taken Apart For Storage Or Transportation
– 45″ – 59″ Adjustable Height, 20″ Desk Width
– 35″ – 49″ Adjustable Height With omitting lower stem

Package Contents:

1 x Music Stand – Unassembled (You have to put the parts together. Instructions are provided inside the box. It’s very easy to install this music stand. First put the legs together, then screw the bottom stem. Omit the lower stem to start the music stand at a lower height. Then install the middle stem and finally the music rack.

ROYAL PRO PIATTO SW – Wooden Music Stand is perfect for those musicians who play violin, cello, guitar, flute and need an adjustable music stand. You can omit a section from the lower part of the stand during assembly, ensuring the height suits every player. It’s also ideal for choir and voice teachers.



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